Performing on Saturday, July 29 at 2:00pm on KidFest Stage

Black Star Drum Line

Hometown: Madison, Wisconsin
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Artist Bio
Black Star Drum Line was created and founded in 2008 by director Joey B. Banks to give kids in the Madison community an opportunity for creative expression through the "Percussive Arts". Director Joey B. Banks incorporates diversity, respect for self and others, unity and mastery as the core of the youth development model he developed working as a youth development professional for over 20 years in the Madison area. The group has done over 500 performances in the State of Wisconsin and Madison community to date and has recorded 3 CD's and 3 music videos. The group has performed with many local performers, which include,The Handphibians, Rob Dz, Keon Andre, Pretty Boy Hefner, Lucas Koehler,Jeff Weiss,Stefan Truesdell, Gabe Burdulis, Anthony Lamarr, and Bradley, DLO. Some past performance highlights were playing for 25,000 people at "Lifest" in 2012, opening for Rapper B.O.B. at a recent UW-Whiterwater event in 2014, and 9 "standing room" only shows at Overture Center's "Kids In The Rotunda" in last 3 years the group has performed at the show. The group also shot their third music video with DMC (RUN/DMC) and Pretty Boy Hefner in the Fall of 2014. Look for Black Star Drum Line at many local events in and around the Madison area and State of Wisconsin in 2015.

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