Performing on Sunday, July 30 at 3:45pm on Clyde Stubblefield Stage

Steely Dane

Hometown: Madison, WI
Artist Bio

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Artist Bio
​Members Dane County rock and jazz veterans return for another night of steely goodness under the guiding hands of Mssrs. Dave Ader and Dave Stoler. Dave Adler Dave Stoler Joey B. Banks Biff Blumfumgagnge Michael Brenneis Steve Burke James “Pie” Cowan Jim Doherty Al Falaschi Megan Moran Kyle Hendersen Freedy Johnston Clay Konnor Courtney Larsen Phil Lyons Mike Massey Alison Margaret Jay Moran Michael Walls Gordon Ranney Nick Moran They are members of The Gomers, Tony Castaneda Latin Jazz Sextet, The Clyde Stubblefield Band, The Obros, Phat Phunktion, Gibralter Rockers, Chick Singer, Kyle Henderson, The New Breed Jazz Quintet, the Black N Blue All Stars, Honor Among Thieves, Jim Schwall Band, Adam Isaac and the People

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